10 Health Benefits of Celery Juice on Empty Stomach , Weight loss , Hair, Skin

Health Benefits of Celery Juice

Among the many vegetable juices from which you can choose, one of the best is celery juice. Not only is it a good choice to mix with other juices, but it is a highly nutritious drink in its own right. Celery juice contains vitamins B and C, and a number of minerals, including potassium, phosphorus, sodium, sulphur, iron and calcium.

Celery juice has a calming effect, and this is thought to be due to the action of the essential oils which have a regulatory effect upon the nervous system. It is used for those suffering from insomnia. If the seeds of the plant are available, they could be added to the juice, for the essential oils which are so beneficial are also present in the seeds. The root, stem and leaves of the celery plant all contain the active ingredients of the plant, and are rich in nutrients.

1. Calms the nerves

Hippocrates (otherwise known as the father of medicine) described celery as a potent “nerve-calmer” and strongly believed in the healing power of celery. After a yummy glass of celery juice, you’ll immediately feel your nerves begin to relax.

Of all the benefits of celery juice, the calmness it gives is perhaps the most interesting. Try drinking it before a speech or the morning of an important business meeting. It also makes it easy to see the link between health and greater success in life.

2. Suppresses the appetite

One of the great benefits of celery is that it has very few calories, which means you can eat as much as you want and not have to worry about putting on weight. This is why it’s a great appetite suppressant.

So when you’re hungry, eat lots of celery. It’ll satisfy your hunger, stop you from eating junk food, and ultimately take you closer to the health and vitality that you so desire.

3. Instant Nutrition

The juice is absorbed very quickly. Try drinking on an empty stomach and the digestion will happen very quickly. Also the juice has digestive enzymes built in that help in the absorption of the nutrients. Juice is a nutrient dense food without fibre (which will only slow down the digestion). If you are worried about getting enough fibre, there really is no need because you will get the fibre from other things in your diet. You do not have to worry that you will not be able to eliminate. Your intestine and colon will have its peristaltic motion and be not be affected.

4. Weight loss

Not strictly an appetite suppressant, but drinking juices will mean taking in less calories a day. If you take in less calories than you burn in a day, the simple equation is that you will lose weight. Many people are very successful in losing excess weight when they introduce freshly made juices into their daily diet. You can take it any level that you feel comfortable at such as one glass of freshly made juice a day, two glasses or even going on a complete fast from solid food and only having fruit and vegetable juices. There are certainly fasting benefits, but often juicing will be more approachable at first.

5. Prevents Cancer

If the preceding benefits of celery juice weren’t enough, then let me remind you of its ability to prevent cancer.

Celery contains phytochemical compounds called coumarins which are effective cancer prevention agents. They are also thought to enhance the beneficial activity of white blood cells.

6. Reduces high blood pressure

Coumarins are also effective at lowering blood pressure, toning the vascular system and have also been proven to relieve migraines. Juicing celery really is a powerful way to enhance your health. Celery goes great with apple and spinach, or even beetroot, lemon and ginger.

7. More energy

The body will experience greater amounts of energy in two ways. Firstly, through the increased intake of nutrient rich foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables. These are full of nutrients and when taken in juice form, the nutrients are preserved and not lost. Heating up the ingredients through processes such as cooking or pasteurizing will invariably lose over half the nutrients. Simply by adding a fresh juice to your daily diet, you will be adding to your nutrient levels and thus greatly increasing your energy levels.

The second way that you will experience greater levels of energy is in the way that existing energy is NOT used. By making a juice, you are giving the body something that is very easy to digest because the foods are already broken down so the stomach acids do not need to do that. Also, by juicing, you are removing the fibre content of the food. Without the fibre, the food is much easier to digest as the body does not need to separate out the fibre from the rest of the nutrients. So this all result in less energy being used up in digestion (not breaking the food down and removing the fibre) which means that it can be put to other uses.

8. Replaces electrolytes

Another benefit of celery juice is its high amount of sodium. This is offset by its high levels of potassium which makes it a superb electrolyte replacement drink.

Rather than drinking Gatorade and other unnatural and unhealthy substances, start juicing celery.

9. Instant hydration

Freshly made juice really does quench your thirst. People are generally chronically dehydrated. Drinking more water is one thing, but there are not many vitamins or minerals in water. Drinking high water content juices such as cucumber or celery will be very hydrating and give you a greater amount of nutrients. Cucumber has plenty of Calcium, Iron and Magnesium and the majority of B vitamins. Celery is a good source of calcium and Vitamin C.

10. Better skin, nails and hair

Vitamins and minerals are the building blocks of life. To get better looking skin, stronger nails and vibrant hair you need to build them up. Nutrient dense juice like the freshly made variety are full of these vitamins and minerals.