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10 Incredible Benefits of Chia Seeds for Skin

You’re probably familiar with the name Salvia hispanica or Chia seed if you keep yourself updated on the latest happenings in the health and fitness world. Well, chia seeds are often referred to as the “Superfood” of this century. The origin of this superfood can be traced to Mexico and was in use even during the Aztec and Mayan civilizations. These seeds have loads of fiber, protein, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants.

Fun Fact:A spoonful of Chia seeds helped the Aztec warriors sustain for 24 hours!

Nutritional Facts

Forget about all other benefits of Chia seeds; it can do wonders to your skin! Oh yes, Chia seeds pack in the perfect nutritional punch for your skin. 100 grams of chia seeds can provide 485 calories, 42 gm carbohydrates and 31 gm fat. Additionally, these wonder seeds contain 18 different types of amino acids, including the essential ones like lysine, isoleucine, leucine, threonine, methionine, tryptophan, phenylalanine, histadine, and valine.

Here’re 10 incredible benefits of chia seeds for skin:

1. Weight loss and Glowing skin

The biggest benefit of chia seeds is that it results in slow and steady weight loss, which prevents saggy skin resulting out of fast weight loss. Chia seeds are rich in natural fiber resulting in an improved metabolism, which ultimately helps the body burn extra calories and lose weight. Weight loss reduces bloated body and face while restoring youthfulness and creating clean, fresh, re-energized skin.

2. Protection from sunrays

Chia seeds has loads of Omega-3 fatty acids known to possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Your skin can be protected from the harmful rays of the sun by providing it with the thin layer of fat cover provided by Omega-3 fatty acids. Damages to your skin can be prevented by consuming right amount of chia seeds.

3. End Unhealthy Cravings

Credit goes to the high-fiber content in chia seeds that makes you feel full easily. Thus, your cravings for the unhealthy snacks or foods will be automatically restricted when you feel less hungry.

4. Control Blood Sugar Levels

Since consumption of Chia seeds leads to slower digestion, it can help regulate the blood sugar levels. There’s a gelatinous coating on the chia seeds, which prevent blood sugar levels from spiking. It’s quite a wonderful food that can prevent diabetes and manage blood glucose levels in existing diabetes patients.

5. Improve metabolism and energy

An improved metabolism can enhance your overall health, which is reflected in the form of a glowing and energized skin. You can consume chia seeds by putting them in a glass of water and drinking it before the seeds swell.

6. Muscle and tissue building

Chia seeds contain protein and loads of amino acids that helps in building muscle and tissues. All this eventually helps in the skin’s rebuilding process and keeps it fresh and rejuvenated.

7. High antioxidants help in skin rejuvenation

Your skin will love you for consuming chia seeds because they contain higher amounts of antioxidants. Antioxidants can make your skin younger and glowing by eliminating free radicals. In fact, antioxidants work as anti-ageing agents by reducing free radicals in your body.

8. Improve Bowel Movements

The high fiber content of chia seeds aid in digestion and improves bowel movement. This ultimately hydrates the skin and keeps it glowing for many years to come.

9. Higher protein manages hunger

Hunger management through chia seeds is possible because they contain high protein. We already know that a high protein diet keeps us satiated for long, so we will not feel hungry as often.

10. Improved Mood

Bad mood is the worst enemy of your body and skin, so you can expect to keep your skin healthy by consuming chia seeds because of the presence of Omega-3 fatty acids. Combating depression is easier when you include chia seeds in your diet.

Fun Fact: Consuming only 28gms (one serving) of Chia seeds daily combined with an appropriate exercise regimen can produce unbelievable results in a matter of months!

Chia seed is not just another fad food – it’s a fab food that can help your skin in more ways than one. All the antioxidants, amino acids, carbohydrates and protein can improve your health resulting in a radiating and younger skin.

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