10 MIN HIGH INTENSITY WORKOUT – burn lots of calories, HIIT / No Equipment – Pamela Reif

By | July 31, 2021

ready for a KILLER routine? on a positive note: it’s only 10 minutes & the music is amazing!

I know, we have a love-hate relationship to my 15min HIIT workout. Me too, I admit that. A 10min routine was definitely missing on my channel! Still a killer, still burning lots of calories, still breaking a sweat.. but: it’s only 10 minutes 😀

This workout is:

1. FILLED WITH BASICS. Nothing too fancy, nothing too dancy. Ask your male partner to join! They won’t need to shake their hips for this one.

2. a mix out of “QUICK MOVEMENTS” and “ACTIVE BREAKS”. You will find Dolphin Holds & Planks in between all the quick movements. Almost feels like a break, but don’t forget to keep the core strength 😀

3. HIGH ENERGY. For some reason it doesn’t drag me down – but rather gives me MORE energy! Might also be the music though.

If you struggle or need a break: don’t worry about it. Take a small rest, get something to drink & continue once you’re ready 🙂 most important is that you don’t quit and push yourself.

I burned about 80kcal in those 10min (which is a lot for me, I’m a small human and I normally burn about 250kcal in a 1h session).Pamela Reif

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