15 MIN SLOW STRENGTH, Full Body Pamela Reif – on the floor, no standing up, low impact

By | July 31, 2021

yup, no need to stand up today! no squats or jumps either ♥︎ 15 efficient minutes for super strong, toned & lean muscles

Oh we were definitely missing a workout routine like this!!

▸ advanced exercises, that build a lot of strength

▸ we train our abs from all angles, booty, thighs, chest, upper & lower back, shoulders and arms

▸ nothing high intensity, no squats, no jumps, no high knees – only some very few mountain climbers for once hihi :))) ▸ … but don’t be fooled, this workout is still very intense!

No Equipment necessary, no breaks and not much space needed 🙂 If you need a break though – take it! Just don’t quit!

The video is in full length which means you can just follow whatever I’m doing 30s for each exercise.Pamela Reif

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