16 Best Exercises to Lose Considerable Weight in the course of one Month

If you have been dealing with weight issues and asking around the gym for the best fat burning exercises, people will inevitably suggest burpees. Although, the king of calorie burners, mastering a burpee takes time, and still it is not always perfect for everyone. Some people get tired of the monotony that repeated sets of burpees provide, while some have trouble aligning the different complimentary exercises in a proper manner, thereby not deriving their complete benefits. Therefore, it is wise to be aware of alternative exercises as well, which if done in repeated sets could produce similar weight loss effects. This article aims to shed some light on sixteen of the best exercises out there that will help you lose weight considerably within a span of one month. Staying fit and healthy is very essential for everybody and it starts with losing weight and keeping it in check after attaining a healthy point. Read on further to know about these wonderful fat burning exercises.

Jumping Rope

Probably the simplest equipment in the gym, the jumping rope probably holds the highest fat burning potential. It takes time to master and amateurs should start by perfecting their speed skipping, progressing to high interval intensity training or HIIT routines once, they start mastering the jump rope. Jump ropes have a plethora of different moves that are essentially brilliant fat burners.

Barbell Man Maker

Very similar to the burpee, the barbell man maker combines the up-down movement burpees have and puts a barbell press when you reach the top. Once you have mastered the form for this exercise and can lift bars without a problem, including this routine into your gym regimen would help you lose considerable weight.

Med Ball Slams

Not just a brilliant exercise to burn fat, but also a cathartic exercise that allows you to dissipate stress, anger or any other bothersome thought. The process to do this exercise is quite simple and it uses your entire body, allowing you to lose weight and strengthen your core at the same time. Just make sure that you maintain proper form during this exercise, as wrong movements can cause injury.

Goblet Squat

Possibly the best way in which you can approach doing squats, the goblet squats help train your thighs, while keeping weight off your back and spine. This exercise is safer to do as compared to barbell squats and can produce extraordinary results if done in high repetition fat-loss training.

Dumbbell/Barbell Muscle Snatch

A brilliant and intensive exercise that really makes you works your muscles, the barbell or dumbbell muscle snatch is a great way to start losing weight quickly. Make sure that you perfect your form and rhythm before starting to add weight to the bar. Doing this exercise for 10-20 reps or for a period of 2-3minutes can really help bring down body fat.

Alternating Kettlebell Swing

This exercise has been proven as good at burning fat as an intensive session of running, while also helping boost your overall fitness. While the alternating kettlebell swing does not come with the enormous joint stress that running might impart to your body, it provides similar fat burning results if not better. It is a must-include routine in your gym sessions if you are looking to lose considerable weight within one month.

Dumbbell Farmer’s Walk

Walking is probably the most comprehensive and complete fat burning exercise that allows you to dissipate calorie slowly over the long run. Combining the activity of walking with some weight will provide this exercise with the slight stress that accelerates weight loss and helps you attain a slim and toned physique. The dumbbell farmer’s walk is an exercise that you need to include in your gym sessions.

Box Squat Jump

The best way to lose weight and stimulate your fast-twitch muscles is by indulging in plyometric exercises. However, continuous jumping can cause serious damage to your body, especially more if you happen to be overweight. This is where box squat jumps come in. Allowing you to recuperate your jumping mechanisms by allowing it the slight rest, this exercise not only lets you burn fat, but also gain energy after one session is done, to allow you to start another rep.

Stepup Jump

Very similar to the aforementioned box squat jump, the stepup jump has been created to provide you with the means to train your lower body, while burning calories at breakneck speed. It also helps develop your lower-body strength, while putting your glutes to work.

Battle Rope Wave

Battle rope waves are probably one of the most popular and loved exercises to help lose weight quickly. With no requirements of a warm up, this brilliant exercise is easy to do and only requires a little practice to perfect the form. Go for intensive reps with short rest periods in between to reap maximum results.

Bear Crawl

Crawling is one labor-intensive exercise that brings your core, wrist, hip, shoulders, ribs, pelvis, hands, thighs, upper body and breathing mechanisms into the mix. It helps train all of these parts in the human body, while also helping strengthen others. If combined with lunges, bear crawls are probably the only exercise that causes you to lose weight exponentially.

Walking Lunge

Walking lunges help you with cardio conditioning, improves your squatting, running and jumping, while boosting up your metabolism due to the rigorous training your thighs and hips receive when doing this exercise. In order to get best results, end your regular gym sessions with 10 minutes dedicated to walking lunges.

Box Thruster

Used for MetCon workouts, the box thruster is a type of squat that has been combined with overhead presses. This exercise stimulates your entire body and can cause major fat to be lost. Just make sure that you use a box to correct your squatting shape and prevent your hips and knees from experiencing stress.

Blast-Off Pushup

Blast-off pushups are a combination of pushups and leg presses that help increase your body’s metabolism and utilize the entire body to burn fat. It helps build upper body strength and you can choose to increase its effectiveness by raising your leg at an elevation during the exercise.

TRX Row Machine

It is one of the ultimate cardio exercises that helps stimulate your entire body and burn calories at an unprecedented rate. Although, you would require the TRX rowing machine to attempt this exercise, it is worth investing in one such machine, due to the enormous weight loss benefits this exercise provides.

Skater Jump

Owing to the fact that skater jumps require you to move your body in a side-to-side motion rather than a front-to-back motion, it helps improve your hips and enhance athleticism. It also lays very little stress on your knees, allowing you to lose weight brilliantly with this cardio-intensive exercise.

This article should be able to therefore, provide you with the sixteen best exercises that you should include in your training regimen to lose weight at a fast pace within one month. However, many of these exercises require proper training and therefore, it is suggested that you consult your gym trainer to approach them in the correct manner. Make sure that you do not do them in the wrong fashion, to avoid any unnecessary injuries. Stay safe and stay healthy with these incredible fat burning exercises.

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