October 23, 2021

5 Common Habits That Are Secretly Harming Your Skin

We recently saw some teas for the skin, foods to detox the skin, and even talked about exposure to blue light and how it can affect our skin's health, did you watch these videos? Did you know that oiliness, excessive dryness, and even pimples are how the skin responds to some of your habits? See 6 habits that may be harming your skin: Using too many skin products
Alternating between skin products can be a challenge since new preservatives and ingredients can contribute to the appearance of acne and aggravate issues. Not changing your skincare routine according to the season
Skincare changes a lot depending on the seasons since they affect the characteristics of the skin. Letting hair products touch your skin
Many hair products, including shampoo and conditioner, can clog the pores of your skin and cause rashes, acne, pimples, and irritations in the scalp and face. Toxins in your makeup remover
Another common cosmetic that clogs the pores and causes acne is the toxic ingredients found in makeup removers. Sleeping on your stomach
Your pillowcase absorbs everything, and when you sleep face down, your face gets pressed ​against everything stuck in your pillow, which causes acne and clogs your pores Not washing your face in the morning
The buildup of oil, dirt, and bacteria is the result of a long night of sleep. While we sleep, the skin undergoes a repairing process that produces oil and toxins. Besides these habits, we recently talked about why you shouldn't use towels to dry your face. This is another tip to help you have pretty skin. 0:00 Bad Skin Habits
0:25 Using too many skin products
0:45 Not changing your skincare routine according to the season
1:25 Letting hair products touch your skin
1:53 Toxins in your makeup remover
2:17 Sleeping on your stomach
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