6 Healthy Sleeping Poses You Weren’t Aware Of

By | August 2, 2021

Hey there, viewers! It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old. We all love curling up in bed after a long day at work. It’s just really hard to find the right posture. A proper sleeping pose can relieve stress, reduce stiffness, and decrease pain.


Sleeping on your back

Resting on your back is one of the most popular sleeping positions with plenty of benefits. When you’re lying flat on your back, it’s easy to keep your spine in alignment and evenly distribute your body weight.

Sleeping without a pillow

We spend 33% of our lives sleeping or resting, so it’s important to choose a pose that can prevent you from waking up in the morning with new aches or pains.

Sleeping without pillows is highly beneficial for your neck and back. It will allow you to rest in a natural position without any pain. Using a pillow that’s too soft can strain your neck muscles and decrease the blood flow to your head. A hard pillow will deform the position of your spine and cause back pain.

Put a pillow under your knees

If you find it challenging to sleep on your back, placing a pillow under your knees can assist you with the posture. A small pillow or rolled towel will reduce stress on your spine, and support the natural curve in your lower back.

Fetal position

This is a very popular sleeping position. This can be beneficial to pregnant women or people with lower back pain. The fetal position refers to the posture where a person is curled up into a ball with their knees drawn into their chest and chin tilted downwards. It’s supposed to resemble a baby in the womb. This position is also known to reduce snoring.

Side sleeping with an additional pillow

If you prefer sleeping on your side, placing a firm pillow between your knees will make the pose all the more comfortable. This posture will prevent your upper leg from pulling your spine out of alignment and decrease stress on the lower back and hips. This position can also help people with sciatic pain if they sleep on the side opposite of where it hurts. Placing a pillow between your knees while side sleeping aligns your hips, and takes pressure off the pelvis.

Cuddling while sleeping

If you’re someone who enjoys cuddling, you can definitely see its impact on your sleep quality. Falling asleep while cuddling with your partner can be romantic and even help you to sleep better. Physical contact such as cuddling can increase the release of dopamine and serotonin in your body. These hormones regulate your mood and lift feelings of depression and hostility. Cuddling while sleeping can help you to regulate your sleep-wake cycle, and improve the quality of sleep.

Sleep poses are not the only factors you need to consider for a comfortable night’s sleep. A supportive pillow or a perfect mattress could also help you feel refreshed in the morning. You can also clean your bedroom to increase the quality of your sleep cycle. Remember to spread clean sheets and vacuum the mattress frequently to avoid impairing your sleep. Don’t forget, the position of your bed also matters when you want a good sleep. Use your curtains or blinds to make sure the room stays dim at night. However, open the curtain or move outside to reset your internal clock.Bestie

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