October 23, 2021
8 Types Of Hugs And What They Say About Your Relationship

8 Types Of Hugs And What They Say About Your Relationship

There are many ways to describe a relationship. You can describe it by a kiss, you can describe it by interest, and you can describe it by opposites. But did you know that you could also describe it by a hug? There are many different ways you can hug your partner. But the one you use most dominantly is what describes your relationship best. So whether you like to give your partner big bear hugs, or are more of a soft hugger, the way you hug the person you love can say a lot about the place that your relationship is in.


8. The Bear Hug:

The bear hug is also known as the deadlock hug. The tight squeeze is filled b with emotions that scream “I’ll never let go.” This type of hug implies that your relationship is serious and is filled with everlasting emotion. When a couple gives each other the bear hug, it is a sign of affection that they love each other and don’t want to let each other go. There is just something about being wrapped in someone else’s arms that is comforting, warm, and loving. This type of hug is usually only shared between a couple that is very much in love, and represents the affection and love they have for one another. The bear hug is very common at the beginning of a happy relationship and is also very common for people in love who haven’t seen each other in a long time. However, if this hug is persistent in a mature, happy relationship, it could indicate the fear of loss.

7. The Polite Hug:

If your boyfriend or girlfriend hugs you and leaves space between the hug, especially in the lower body, it’s a direct sign that your partner feels uncomfortable with you. This might be the type of hug that a couple gives to each other just after they have gotten into a fight. It usually means that there is some kind of distance or unresolved issue that they have not come to an agreement on. When a couple is fighting and they give each other this type of hug, it is usually only done out of politeness, and there is usually no emotion or affection associated with it. Most commonly these types of hugs happen after a fight or a dispute happens between two partners. But if they happen for no reason, it’s a sign that your partner does not want to come close to you. If you and your partner are arguing or are not on the best of terms but still want to show respect by hugging, this is probably the type of hug you would give. If you are not on the best of terms with your boyfriend or girlfriend, try to think about resolving your issues!

6. Legs Around the Waist Hug:

This hug, when a boyfriend or girlfriend jumps up and wraps their legs around you signifies a deep attraction and intense passion towards the other partner. Couples who hug each other like this are typically very close to one another. They have a very strong and intimate connection, and it shows in the way they display their affection towards one another. Their physical closeness is very strong and they have an intense passion that not many other couples share. This is a type of hug that couples who are very much in love share with one another.

5. The Stand Still Hug:

This type of hug is one partner squeezes and hugs with their entire might, while the other partner doesn’t even lift an arm. This is a sign of lack of reciprocation.

4. The Intimate Hug:

Hugging and making direct eye contact with the partner is a sign of great intimacy and a beautiful connection.

3. The Buddy Hug:

Hugging your partner from the side, with your arm directly over their shoulder, means that you not only value them as an intimate partner, but you completely trust them as a best friend.

2. The Back Hug:

This type of hug occurs when one partner has their back turned and the other grabs them from the back with their arms wrapped around their shoulders.

1. The Pampered Hug:

This type of hug signifies a deep caring nature and is usually followed by a kiss to the forehead. This type of hug is usually given by a more elderly person.

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