October 23, 2021
9 Natural Ways To Help You Sleep

9 Natural Ways To Help You Sleep

Do you like doing yoga? How about keeping a journal? Do I really have to stop eating spice? We’re talking all that AND more.


1. Eating Cheese:

Cheese, particularly swiss and cheddar, contain large amounts of tryptophan. This is an amino acid that releases melatonin. Once released, the melatonin will help you get to sleep quicker.

2. Dabble In Yoga:

Yoga poses such as Wide-Knee Child’s Pose, the Standing Forward Bend, and Legs Up the Wall are suggested by experts as great exercises to do before bed. So if you’re feeling active and would like to stretch your body out of its comfort zone, give yoga a try.

3. Have a Banana:

Bananas are another great source of melatonin and they also contain a healthy amount of magnesium and potassium, both of which encourage your muscles to relax.

4. Stop Eating Spice:

Not only does spice reduce the amount of sleep you get, it also raises your body temperature. In a study conducted on healthy young men, their quality of sleep reduced after consuming hot condiments such as mustard and Tobasco. When they did not consume the spice, their sleep was much better.

5. Keep a Journal:

One study showed that putting together a list of goals for the following day helped participants sleep an average of 9 minutes faster.

6. Chew Some Cherries:

One study showed that women with insomnia who guzzled 2 daily glasses of cherry juice were able to sleep an additional hour and a half.

7. Have Some Popcorn:

Its carb carry just the right amount of tryptophan to put you out. With its high fiber concentration, popcorn is easily digested. The average serving of low-fat popcorn is just around 93 calories.


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