Baking Soda Bonanza: 10 Benefits for Health, Beauty, and Home

Scientifically, it’s referred to as sodium bicarbonate. Most of us know it as baking soda though, and very likely, you probably have it in your pantry right now. But baking soda goes beyond aiding in the rise of dough when crafting baked goods. You can use it to benefit your health and beauty, not to mention your home too.

Read on to discover the many benefits baking soda has for you beyond baking!

1. Calm heartburn

That slice of pizza isn’t sitting so well and now you can’t sleep because you have heartburn. With just a teaspoon of baking soda stirred into cold water, drinking this mixture slowly can help quiet the discomfort and get your stomach to settle down. Use this method if you have nothing else in your cabinet to bring you relief for it has side effects if ingested too often.

2. Kill off plaque-causing bacteria

What’s in your mouthwash anyway? If you want to help keep your oral hygiene in tip-top shape, mix a half teaspoon of baking soda with a half glass of warm water. Swish it like you would with any other mouthwash to get antibacterial and antimicrobial protection naturally!

3. Even better, whiten your teeth

Baking soda is mildly abrasive, perfect for helping scrub away stains from your teeth. And with those antibacterial and antimicrobial properties discussed above, it’s ideal for brightening your smile.

4. Perform better during exercise

Training for a marathon or just want to boost your productivity at the gym? Studies have shown baking soda can keep you performing at your peak longer during high-intensity training. It has a high pH which can slow down the fatigue that sets in as the lactic acid builds up in your muscles, allowing you to keep pushing it to the limit.

5. Soothe itchy skin

While too much of it can certainly dry skin out and cause trouble, if you have been bitten by numerous ants or mosquitoes, suffered a bee sting, or even have a sunburn, soaking in a lukewarm bath with one to two cups of baking soda can help relieve the itch. If it’s only a small area that is affected, make a paste out of it and only apply it to that area to prevent drying skin out.

6. Keep the stink out of your fridge

Whether last night’s fish dinner leftovers are overpowering the fridge or there’s something in the back that has rotted beyond recognition, baking soda can help. There is nothing worse than opening the fridge to get hit in the face with a stinky smell. Even after you clean out the offending items, that stench can remain.

Thankfully, baking soda is an effective way to get rid of unpleasant odors. It neutralizes and eliminates odor particles instead of covering it up so the smell is gone for good, or until you forget about something else in the back of that fridge.

7. Non-toxic air freshener

Friends are coming tonight but your dog smells like, well, dog. Instead of spraying chemically-laden air fresheners around, you should turn to baking soda. It’s a much safer alternative. It neutralizes those odors and if you add pure essential oil to it, you’ll have a fabulously-scented air freshener that’s completely safe and natural.

Add about 1/3-cup of baking soda to a small jar and then drop in 15 drops of pure essential oil in your favorite scent. Use a cheese cloth or small fabric to secure on the top and tie it in place with string or ribbon. Shake it up to refresh the scent!

8. Clean your home from top to bottom

If you want to be in good health for years to come, you should look at what you use to clean your home with as keen an eye as what you put in and on your body. Many of the cleaners we buy today are filled with hormone-disrupting ingredients and dangerous chemicals. It’s especially concerning if you have children or pets in your home.

Good thing baking soda is a true miracle worker in y our home. It can do wonders in your kitchen. Simply make a paste out of it and use a damp sponge or cloth to wipe down your oven, stained marble, remove grease stains, clean kitchen tiles (even the darkened grout too!), make your microwave messes disappear, and more. Oh, and those coffee cup stains? Gone!

Use the same technique in your bathrooms too and you’ll be amazed. As an added bonus, you won’t have artificial toxic smells wafting through your home. The odor-busting effects of baking soda will leave each room disinfected and brightened.

9. Helps remove acidic stains

Of course you got spaghetti sauce on your brand new white shirt! With baking soda, you can save it from being permanently stained. Baking soda’s alkalinity is ideal for interacting with acidic stains, making it easy to remove. You can either treat the stain directly or even add half a cup of it to your normal load. It also has water-softening properties which will make for cleaner, fresher clothes all around.

10. Removes pesticides from your produce

One of the best things baking soda can do for your health is clear toxins away from the foods you eat. But if you just rinse off your fruits and vegetables, you’re not getting all the pesticides off of it. This is especially important for those that are eating non-organic foods.

Sure, you could peel your apples and not worry about it, but the most nutrients are concentrated in that skin. Have your apple (or any other fruit or vegetable) without a heaping side of toxins by soaking it in a solution of baking soda and water. What’s interesting is that researchers determined that soaking fruits and veggies in a baking soda wash is the most effective way to remove pesticides without peeling them. It’s that alkalinity again coming to the rescue to get rid of nasty toxins that might be lurking on the outside so you can eat fresh produce and revel in the bliss of eating for your health.

Since baking soda can do so much more than be an ingredient in the cookies and cakes you bake, you should keep more of it around. The less chemicals you use in your life for your health, beauty, and home, the better off you and the ones you love will be!

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