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Benefits of coconut oil on skin and face

The use of coconut oil has been appreciated for decades because of its enormous benefits. Coconut oil is not only confined to be used in the kitchen but can be used for a myriad of things such as weight loss, skin, cooking, baking, to name a few. This wonder oil has been considered to be the “darling” product of the natural world. Coconut oil can serve you in numerous ways to keep you feel and look your best. This miraculous coconut oil has become a staple ingredient for many women and a popular ingredient to be used in beauty products because of its tremendous benefits for the skin.

Coconut oil for skin:

As explained by the director of clinical and cosmetic research in dermatology, New York City named Joshua Zeichner, “Coconut oil is comprised of a unique combination of natural fats, which makes it useful in treating the skin.” This naturally derived oil is comprised of surplus natural fats that serve as extensively beneficial for your skin. There are two types of coconut oils called as unrefined and refined oil. The unrefined coconut oil is the perfect choice to be used for skin as it is not processed with any chemicals. The unrefined coconut oil has the maximum amount of phytonutrients and comes with the fullest flavour of coconut in its purest form.

Coconut oil

Here are a few benefits of coconut oil on skin and face you must know!

Anti-bacterial shield:

Coconut oil comes with the wonderful skin health benefit as it protects your skin from potentially harmful pathogens because of its anti-bacterial properties, specifically lauric acid. The anti-bacterial property is explicitly beneficial for acne-prone skin as it reduces the risk of bacterial infections that worsens the acne. The excessive secretion of sebum can be the primary cause of acne that is caused either due to skin hydration problems or hormonal imbalances, and the bacterial infections can lead to more harmful consequences for the skin. Using coconut oil on a regular basis can help serve as a protecting shield against the bacterial population.

As a body lotion:

Coconut oil is used in the past as the body lotion; know the body lotions have the coconut oil in them. But most of the women’s use the raw coconut oil as the alternate of body lotions. Coconut oil is thick and heavy, so it suggested using in summer for the best results; it can leave the skin with the shine. It is good to use after waxing or shaving, keep your skin smooth and reduce the itching.

Protection from sunburn:

Coconut oil offers great protection against harmful sunrays and radiations and is used by many natives across the globe. The ultraviolet sun rays can be very harmful to your skin cells and trigger the emergence of numerous free radicals. These free radicals can subsequently damage your cellular DNA. Coconut oil comes with SPF 4 and can serve as an incredible antioxidant that can stop such a chain reaction while reducing the oxidative stress. It can protect you from harmful sun rays and has a soothing effect on burnt skin.

Used for massage:

Coconut oil is also used for massage, as we have discussed above, it is an excellent moisturizer. So most people like a massage with coconut oil. Another primary purpose of using coconut oil in massage is it has a pleasant smell than other oils. Coconut oil can keep the skin smooth and hydrated; it is heavy oil and requires the gentle massage for sinking in the skin.

Ideal deep cleanser:

Deep cleansing of your face is very crucial for your skin health from time to time. Your face is exposed to so many harsh chemicals that come from air pollution, grease and dust of air, makeup etc. in everyday life. These toxins clog the skin pores after seep into them. Also, heat and air conditioning have dehydrating effects on your skin that leaves your skin flaky and dry that ultimately causes the sebum to be trapped into the skin follicles. Coconut oil is a gentle and excellent cleanser that makes exfoliation much easier and softens the keratin caps. The deep cleansing through the gentle coconut oil allows the hardened sebum to get onto the surface of your skin and removed instantly.

Great under-eye cream:

The skin under the eyes is extremely sensitive and delicate, making it vulnerable to dark circles and fine lines. When we talk about a women’s beauty lies in her eyes, we couldn’t be more honest! If you are looking for a more natural product that is chemical-free and saves you from spending big bucks on expensive under-eye creams, coconut oil is definitely going to be your perfect remedy. A little amount under the eyes goes a long way.


Coconut oil is not suitable for all types of skins, and it is heavy oil and only ideal for those skins which can tolerate the heavy lubricants. But it is the best oil to keep your skin hydrated; it can increase the moisture level in the skin and reduce dullness and dryness from the face. It is recommended that to use coconut oil at night, so it gets time to sink into your skin. In short coconut oil is the best source of moisture for the dry surfaces, and has no side effect.

Reduces facial wrinkles:

Your youthful look of facial skin will be compromised and spoiled even because of fine wrinkles. Coconut oil is a great source of keeping your skin looking fresh and wrinkle-free. Collagen is the structural protein that keeps your skin smooth and elastic. To prevent the breakdown effects of collagen, it’s necessary to repair this structural layer. This is possible with the help of coconut oil as it ensures deep penetration into the skin and repair of collagen layer timely. Also, coconut oil has been widely appreciated for its anti-ageing properties.

Oil pulling:

Oil pulling is the technique used to remove the bacteria from the mouth. Oil pulling is the Indian techniques, but now it is using is the different parts of the world due to its number of benefits. In this technique, the person has to swish the coconut oil in his mouth for a few minutes. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties so that it can kill the germs and bacteria from the mouth. Coconut oil is also good for the teeth’s and lips. And has no side effect, eve you drink it during the process of oil pulling. It is the latest and organic method of keeping your mouth cleans with the shinning teeth’s.

As a Makeup Remover:

According to the latest research, coconut oil is considered as the best organic makeup remover. Most people think it is just a rumour, how oil can remove makeup and dust from the face. But in reality, is it true, coconut oil is also helpful in removing the dirt from your face. You have to apply the small amount of coconut oil on your face and massage slowly and left it for a few minutes. After the time take beauty wipes and wipe away all dust and makeup from your skin. After removing makeup, you can apply the coconut oil again for moisturizing the skin.

Healing cracks:

As we know, coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer, and it is also useful for the treatment of crack feet’s. You just have applied the few drops of coconut oil on the cracks and massage until the oil absorbs in the cracks. It is suitable to have this process at night, but you can do it at any time of the day. It is suggested to keep the oil on the feet’s after the massage, but if you want to wear shoes, then you can wash the feet’s with soap. After a few days of continuous massage, you can feel the cracks are gone, and your feet become soft.

Skin treatment:

Coconut oil is useful for healing skin after any skin treatment. Laser treatment is prevalent in ladies, and skin specialist suggests their patients have coconut use after skin treatment. Coconut oil has unique chemical properties which can help in healing the skin very efficiently.

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