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Calories Burned in 30 Minutes for People of Three Different Weights

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Calories burned

Calories burned chart by activity and weight, including walking, sports, and everyday household activities

The table below lists the calories burned by doing dozens of activities listed by category (such as gym activities, training and sports activities, home repair etc.) for 30 minutes. Activities and exercises include walking (casual, race, and everything in between), swimming, jogging, yoga, and many more.

Calories Burned in 30-minute activities

Gym Activities125-pound person155-pound person185-pound person
Weight Lifting: general90108126
Aerobics: water120144168
Stretching, Hatha Yoga120144168
Calisthenics: moderate135162189
Aerobics: low impact165198231
Stair Step Machine: general180216252
Weight Lifting: vigorous180216252
Aerobics, Step: low impact210252294
Aerobics: high impact210252294
Bicycling, Stationary: moderate210252294
Rowing, Stationary: moderate210252294
Calisthenics: vigorous240306336
Circuit Training: general240
Rowing, Stationary: vigorous255369440
Elliptical Trainer: general270324378
Ski Machine: general285342399
Aerobics, Step: high impact300360420
Bicycling, Stationary: vigorous315278441
Training and Sports Activities
Dancing: slow, waltz, foxtrot90108125
Volleyball: non-competitive, general play90108126
Water Volleyball90108126
Golf: using cart105126147
Gymnastics: general120144168
Horseback Riding: general577084
Tai Chi120144168
Volleyball: competitive, gymnasium play226281335
Walking: 3.5 mph (17 min/mi)107133159
Badminton: general114141168
Walking: 4 mph (15 min/mi)135175189
Softball: general play141180210
Whitewater: rafting, kayaking150180210
Dancing: disco, ballroom, square165198231
Golf: carrying clubs165198231
Dancing: Fast, ballet, twist180216252
Hiking: cross-country170216252
Skiing: downhill180216252
Swimming: general180216252
Walk/Jog: jog <10 min.180216252
Water Skiing180216252
Basketball: wheelchair195234273
Ice Skating: general210252294
Racquetball: casual, general210252293
Rollerblading/skating (Casual)311386461
Rollerblading/skating (Fast)340421503
Scuba or skin diving210252294
Sledding, luge, toboggan199247294
Soccer: general210252294
Tennis: general210252294
Basketball: playing a game240288336
Bicycling: 12-13.9 mph240288336
Football: touch, flag, general240288336
Hockey: field & ice240288336
Rock Climbing: rappelling227282336
Running: 5 mph (12 min/mile)240288336
Skiing: cross-country198246293
Snow Shoeing240288336
Volleyball: beach240288336
Bicycling: BMX or mountain255306357
Boxing: sparring270324378
Football: competitive270324378
Running: cross-country255316377
Bicycling: 14-15.9 mph300360420
Martial Arts: judo, karate, kickbox300360420
Racquetball: competitive300360420
Rope Jumping (Fast)340421503
Rope Jumping (Slow)226281335
Running: 6 mph (10 min/mile)495360420
Swimming: laps, vigorous300360420
Water Polo300360420
Rock Climbing: ascending226281335
Bicycling: 16-19 mph360432504
Handball: general360432504
Running: 7.5 mph (8 min/mile)375450525
Bicycling: > 20 mph495594693
Running: 10 mph (6 min/mile)453562671
Outdoor Activities
Raking lawn120144168
Gardening: general135162189
Mowing lawn: push, power135162189
Operate Snow Blower: walking135162189
Carrying & stacking wood142176210
Mowing Lawn: push, hand165198231
Chopping & splitting wood180216252
Shoveling Snow: by hand180216252
Home & Daily Life Activities
Reading: sitting344047
Standing in line283541
Food Shopping: with cart85106126
Playing w/kids: moderate effort114141168
Heavy Cleaning: wash car, windows135162189
Paint, paper, remodel: inside142176210
Moving: household furniture170211252
Moving: carrying boxes210252294


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