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17 Health Benefits of Eating Onions Everyday

Onions belong to the lily family, which also includes garlic, leeks, chives, scallions, and shallots. Early American settlers used wild onions to treat colds, cough, asthma, and to repel insects. Onions are effective against many bacteria, including Bacillus subtilis, Salmonella, and E. coli. Each different type of onion has its own unique flavor, from very strong to mildly sweet.… Read More »

11 Incredible Health Benefits Of Green Tea and Side Effects

The benefits of green tea are astronomical. It is so important to have a drink with so many health benefits in your life. Those antioxidants are helping to rid our body of free radicals. Starting your morning off right with antioxidants flowing through your veins is a good start to your day and the benefits of green tea… Read More »

Tomatoes Nutrition: Health Benefits of Eating Tomato

Taste and nutrition as well as the health benefits of tomatoes have been highly valued. Enjoyed all over the world, they are essential ingredients in the diets of many cultures. Yet the plant has a spotty past, including myths, misconceptions and controversy, and the challenges of modern mass production of the tomato continue to spark debate. Yet there… Read More »

Vitamin D Deficiency, Treatment, Risk, Benefits and Side Effects

Vitamin D has many benefits to health. Musculoskeletal problems are more common in those with vitamin D deficiency/insufficiency. This includes osteoporosis, an increased risk of fractures, an increase risk of falls and reduced muscle function. Osteoporosis affects a large percentage of nursing home residents. Osteoporosis is a bone disease associated with low bone mass and an increased risk… Read More »

Vitamin C: Health Benefits , Sources and Deficiency

Acting as an antioxidant may be one of the most important health benefits of vitamin C. Its health benefits to the cardiovascular system are many. As an antioxidant it protects LDL cholesterol from free radical damage (damaged LDL may lead to heart disease) and may also protect against hardening of the arteries (Atherosclerosis). Recent studies have shown it… Read More »

14 Incredible Health Benefits of Watermelon Juice

Think back to when you were a child and when during the summer months, the pinnacle of cookouts and family gatherings was always the cold juicy watermelon that was for desert. When you were young, eating watermelon was about taste, but now that you’re older it’s more than just taste that should inspire you to eat lots of… Read More »

17 Super Health Benefits of Lemon Juice

The lemon tree, like other citrus trees, has its origin in Central Asia. The Arabs introduced the lemon to Europe in the 12th century. It was first refined in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula. It is by no accident that the juiciest, most aromatic lemons are found in the Murcia region in Spain. After being customary in… Read More »

12 Uses of Green Tea You Haven’t Heard Before

Recipes and homemade tricks with green teaIn addition to its excellent properties, the uses of green tea are not limited to its preparation as an infusion. You can find out about many other green tea applications, through a variety of tricks and homemade recipes, which will be very useful. Know them. Tea bath Eye relief Mouth cleaning Tea… Read More »

Benefits of Plant-Based Proteins Versus Animal-Based

Today we look at the major differences of animal based versus plant-based protein shakes, as well as offer a bonus selection of natural smoothie recipes in which your chosen protein can be incorporated. Diet Restrictions & Allergies A plant-based protein shake is the better option for most people with restrictive diets or food allergies. The exception being those… Read More »