Cycling For Half An Hour Every Day Will Do This To Your Body

By | July 29, 2021

From enhanced muscles, increased flexibility, longer life, boosted confidence to Improved mood, we are talking all that and more.


1. Improves Mood:

The runner’s high isn’t just for runners. Any form of exercise can help you feel great afterwards, including cycling. Activities that get your heart pounding will release energy-boosting hormones called dopamine. After a nice bike ride, that dopamine rush can help improve your mood and energy levels. If you typically feel an afternoon slump at work, going for a quick ride outside during your lunch break may be exactly what you need to stay energized and focused.

2. Weight loss without the extreme diets:

Cycling is one of the best methods of exercise to trim fat and lose weight across your whole body. There’s a reason the pro bike riders are so damn lean. Just an hour of cycling can burn as many as 1,000 calories, depending on the intensity you’re riding at. Refueling has also never been more fun. With the number of calories lost on a ride, you’ll need a few post-ride, guilt-free indulgences to get your calories, and energy levels straight back up.

3. Improves Heart Health:

By getting your heart rate up cycling strengthens your heart muscles. It also reduces your risk of developing several cardiovascular diseases, including stroke, high blood pressure, and heart attack.

4. Releases Anxiety And Stress:

Another important mental health benefit of cycling is relief from anxiety and stress. Cycling helps you balance cortisol and adrenaline levels in the body. When the perfect balance between these two is attained, stress is reduced. This is perhaps one of the healthiest ways to deal with stress. This calming activity allows your brain to focus on breathing and peddling. These two become the prime focus and that in turn, shifts your focus from all sorts of negativity and anxiety.Bestie

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