October 23, 2021
Easy At Home Abs Workouts For Women That Actually Work

Easy At Home Abs Workouts For Women That Actually Work

Alright ladies let’s get started and tuck those tummies! Since this is a beginner class, the workouts will be a bit easier today, so don’t sweat it…er well..maybe a little.



– start with a big inhale, we’re gonna tuck that chin into the chest. Now, exhale and slowly curl your head towards your body, keep curling with the neck and shoulders.


– Starting our flat on your back, legs together and straight with your arms by your sides. Keeping your back flat on the ground you’re going to raise both legs up into the air at the same time.


– get into the pushup position. Alright, now from here we’re going to keep our arms straight and our bodies in a straight line. Make sure to keep those hips high. Ok now, we’re gonna take the right knee, and bring it up to the opposite elbow, so, in this case, your left one.


– flip over onto your back. Alright now keeping the legs together and straight, life them straight up into the air, you can also cross the legs while keeping them mostly straight if that’s more comfortable.


– lay flat on your back, legs bent at a 90 degree angle, feet up in the air. It’s sort of like a regular ab crunch but twisted.


– use a medicine ball if you’d like but if you’re just starting out maybe try without first. Ok so from here you’re going to lean back, at about a 45 degree angle or so. You can clasp your hands in front of you and from the waist you’re going to twist from one side to the other


– tart by laying on your belly face down. Place your palms near your chest. Slowly lift the head and shoulders, then the chest off the floor bringing your shoulder blades together.Bestie

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