15 Completely Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast Naturally

15 Completely Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast Naturally

Losing weight is a top priority for many people, and for good reason. According to Time, as many as 30% of the world’s population is obese. The medical risks for being obese have serious consequences too. Among them, cancertype 2 diabetes, and heart disease top the list.

Even though those who need to lose weight are aware of the risks, it’s not always easy to lose the weight. It’s frustrating when the weight doesn’t come off as quickly as we’d hoped. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to shake things up and shake off fat faster.

There is no magic pill or one special thing you can do to lose weight fast naturally. Instead, it’s recommended that you eat healthfully, keep active with both cardio and resistance exercises, and get plenty of rest to help your body shed the weight. Doing those things plus the following 15 easy ways to lose weight fast naturally should tip the scale in your favor!

1. Make protein a priority

For fast natural weight loss, you need only look to science. Your body is burning calories as it digests protein. For the ultimate in weight loss, go high protein to burn up to 100 more calories a day. As an added bonus, it can make you feel fuller for longer. When you feel satiated, you’re less likely to eat more than you should. That’s a good thing since most people have difficulty with weight loss simply because they continue to keep portions too large. Start your day off with something high protein like eggs and you’ll be giving your body plenty of power for your morning!

2. Choose pure whole foods whenever possible

You don’t need some special restrictive fad diet or dangerous pills to help you lose weight. Instead, you need only look to nature. People in ancient times weren’t fat. The reason? They ate from the earth and they walked everywhere. Today’s lifestyles are based on convenience and being sedentary. While you absolutely should be getting exercise, you also should look to what you’re eating to make big changes for fast weight loss.

Lose Weight Fast

In making those changes, choose whole single-ingredient foods. Nothing tastes better than nature and when you go back to the roots of eating, you cut out refined sugar, added fat, and additives that can be dangerous for your health. As an added bonus, whole foods have plenty of natural fiber which serves to keep you feeling full.

3. Stop eating processed foods

Have you ever wondered why you can’t put down a bag of chips or cookies? Or why you eat more than you should when you get fast food? Processed foods have loads of added sugar, not to mention tons of calories and bad fats. What’s most concerning is that many contain hidden sugars, and because of it, most people consume about 15 teaspoons of added sugars every day without even realizing it! These foods are specifically created to get you hooked. You won’t behave that way with a sack of fresh-picked apples! Break the cycle and leave processed foods behind. When you do, you’ll really start to see success in your weight loss plan!

4. Fill your fridge with healthy foods

In addition to cutting processed foods out of your life, you need to make your home a haven for healthy eating. What’s in your refrigerator right now? Your goal should be to open it up and have fresh fruits and vegetables at eye-level, waiting to be eaten. By prepping them in portions that are easy to take, you’ll be much less likely to eat something you shouldn’t and hence, start losing weight fast.

Plus, most people won’t go to the trouble to get food once they’re home. If you’re enjoying a movie on TV and you want a snack, you’ll likely take what’s in front of you, and if it’s something healthy like celery sticks and hummus, that’s a win for weight loss. Stock up on Greek yogurt, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Hardboiled eggs are also great to have ready, though don’t prepare more than you can eat in a few days’ time or they won’t last.

5. Know what to drink

Yes, you know water is one of the key ways to losing weight fast naturally. However, for every 17 ounces of water you drink, it may help you boost calorie burn by as much as 30% for one hour after that! Water before meals may also be helpful for you, however, you should start making a habit of swapping in water in place of sodas. It’s not always easy to drink down enough water, though if you add a fresh slice of lemon or some other fresh fruit, you’ll get plenty of flavor without additives.

You don’t always have to go with just water though you should be drinking enough of it. Experts say coffee, as long as you don’t add cream or sugar to it, can help boost your energy levels and your metabolism too. The same goes for green tea. If you’d like to help increase your fat loss potential, choose water, black coffee, and green tea for a faster way to natural weight loss.

One thing you don’t want to do is drink your calories. Juices, sports drinks, coffee mixes, specialty coffees from your favorite coffee chain, and of course, sodas, all have loads of calories and often, plenty of sugar to go with them. Your brain can’t process liquids as it does with solid foods so what winds up happening is you consume more calories than you need in one day by drinking them.

If you really want to lose weight, break the habit of drinking your calories. Save those specialty drinks for truly special occasions!

6. Swap out refined carbs

Carbs have earned a horrible reputation. That’s because few people realize there is a difference between the refined type and the kind of whole-grain carbs that your body needs. Refined carbs have been stripped of their fiber and nutrients. By doing so, these carbs are easy to digest and hence, don’t leave you feeling full. You wind up eating more than you should. Instead, swap out the refined stuff for the whole-grain versions and you’ll start feeling better inside and out with the added benefit of feeling completely full after consuming them.

7. Go with a plant-based focus

You don’t need to swear off meats to lose weight, but when you make more choices with fruits and vegetables, you’ll find fast weight loss naturally happens. Plus, fruits and veggies have a low energy density so you can eat more of them without eating more calories than you need. Turn to plants at every meal. Flank them with protein and within a week, you’ll start seeing the benefits of making room for produce.

8. Work in a short-term intermittent fast

Some people may simply need to hit the reset button on their bodies. With an intermittent fast, you can do so in a short amount of time. While there are several different fasting methods, the easiest to follow is one that gives you only an 8-hour window for which to consume your meals.

The food you eat should still be healthy, however, when you follow an intermittent fast, you tend to eat fewer calories overall without having to keep a constant tally. It takes a lot of stress out of making sure you don’t eat more calories than you should.

9. Use a simple mind trick

Often, we eat too much simply because we fill our plates with food. Most restaurants give you enough food for two meals, and at home, it’s likely you’re filling up a large plate all the way with food because it’s what you’re used to. Instead, try plating your meals on smaller plates. It helps you cut the portions down, even if you fill up the whole plate. The best part about this trick is that studies note it reduces how much you eat and makes you believe you’ve eaten more!

Portion size is a big one when it comes to losing weight fast naturally. Of course, it’s not always easy to be diligent and put the correct portion size on your plate. By using the smaller plate trick, you’ll cut portions and make your weight loss dreams a reality.

10. Slow down and be mindful during meals

Your brain doesn’t get the message from your stomach that you’re full until 20 minutes later. Now that you know this, if you simply take your time during meals, you’ll wind up eating less. It takes practice to eat mindfully, especially if you’re dining alone, but find a way to focus on being present. Taste each bite you take, chewing slowly as you do. While you chew slowly, you can chew on the fact that by slowing it down, you increase production for the hormones responsible for weight loss.

11. Choose eggs

While you’re at it with the slow eating and portion control, go for eggs whenever you can. They are full of protein and low in calories. As mentioned above with proteins, if you’re struggling with weight loss and your budget isn’t allowing for fancy produce, choose eggs to help round things out and you’ll give your body plenty of what it needs to start making a weight loss difference!

12. Rummage through your spice rack

Certain spices can help you boost the metabolism too. In particular, peppers contain capsaicin, known for its fat burning powers. The more capsaicin you consume, the more it can reduce your appetite and how many calories you consume. Take those eggs and mix them with peppers for a flavorful and filling way to lose that weight fast!

13. Make way for probiotics

Your gut has good bacteria that serves to keep it healthy. When it’s off balance, you can have many digestive and overall health problems. Consuming probiotics is the key to restoring your health and getting proper gut function in place. In fact, it’s been shown that overweight people have different gut bacteria than those that weight a normal weight. Probiotics are helpful for blocking the absorption of fat too, so start getting them into your diet. Particularly, Lactobacillus gasseri seems to be the best with helping out natural weight loss.

14. Make a habit of brushing your teeth after eating

Brushing your teeth after you eat isn’t just good for your oral hygiene. It seems to keep people from eating between meals. With a minty-fresh mouth, you’re less likely to reach for a second helping or take in a snack when it’s not time for one. And while fresh breath is great, eating right after brushing can make food taste less than desirable.

15. Focus on changing your lifestyle

When you focus only on weight loss, you’re missing the bigger picture. You need to examine all the factors in your lifestyle and adjust it accordingly. If you constantly stay up late and don’t get enough sleep, it’s going to cause the production of the stress hormone, cortisol, to skyrocket.

Making it about a diet that feels strict isn’t the answer either. Depriving yourself of key nutrients over a prolonged period of time can only end in failure. Instead, your goal should be to create a well-rounded adjustment to your lifestyle. Follow healthy eating habits, get off your rear and get some exercise, set an alarm on your phone so you go to bed earlier, and kick bad habits that are holding you back.

While you can certainly make losing weight fast naturally an important priority, don’t forget about all the other things that make up a healthy lifestyle. Balancing body and mind from the inside out will help you zero in on making weight loss happen the way you want to see it when you look in your mirror!