October 16, 2021
Fasting Can Do Wonders For Your Skin and So Much More

Fasting Can Do Wonders For Your Skin and So Much More

Can it maintain your blood sugar? Does fasting fight inflammation? What can it do for your blood pressure? Is it good or bad for your skin? We’re talking all that AND more…


1. Your Skin Will Be Doing So Much Better

Fasting detoxifies your body. You’re not eating as many gross calories. As a result, you will see a decrease in your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. This can really benefits people with inflammatory diseases like eczema.

2. Fasting Can Fight Inflammation

Inflammation affects more than just the skin. It also plays a role in heart disease, cancer and arthritis.

3. Your Blood Sugar Improves

Fasting can help you control your sugar levels. This does wonders against diabetes. When your blood sugar levels are healthier, your body sees a reduction in insulin resistance.

4. Fasting Can Boost Your Brain Function

I’m not sure about you, but if it can make my brain healthier, sign me up! Fasting can have lots of positive effects on your brain. Keep in mind that the studies done have been limited to animals so far. At the same time, they’re still pretty convincing.Bestie

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