5 Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss That Taste Good

The 5 Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss That Taste Good

Juicing for calorie cutdown is not a new thing and it’s getting more popular these days as so many success stories have emerged of people losing a tremendous amount of weight through juicing. They say you become what you eat, and no matter how much you exercise if you are consuming a diet rich in carbs and junk food,you’re going to have a hard time shedding pounds.

There are two ways of getting into the juicing style. The extreme one includes doing a juice fast, that means you eat or drink nothing but juice for a certain period of time. Although this method shows incredible results, it does require a lot of discipline and preparation before and after the fast. Another way is to incorporate juicing as a part of your lifestyle. This does not mean you go on a liquid diet but just add certain fresh juices to your daily meals to help boost weight loss.

Weight loss Juices not only help you shed pounds but also offer a variety of other health benefits. Fresh fruit and veggie juices bring you a boatload of minerals, vitamins, fibre and antioxidants that improve your metabolism and overall health. Health experts recommend at least 6 to 8 servings of vegetables per day, which most of us fail to get. Juicing is also a great way to get those veggies included in your diet.

Once you’ve made up your mind to start juicing your way to weight loss, invest in a good juicer. The conventional method of juicing by squeezing a fruit or vegetable by hand is not a good option here and you need to have an electric juicer especially if you’re juicing vegetables and leafy greens. If this will be your first time juicing and you want to know if it works for you, then by all means use a blender, but if you’re serious about this, invest in a quality extractor. Get high quality Juicers in UAE from UAE Ekuep.

Here are some delicious juicing recipes to help you lose weight and boost your metabolism:

1. Carrot Juice

Carrots are rich in vitamin A and a good source of B vitamins, vitamin K and potassium. Carrot juice is low in calories and contains a lot of fiber which also contributes in weight loss. It also increases bile secretion helping you burn more fat.

A big glass of carrot juice at breakfast can keep you full till lunch, saving you from those unwanted and unhealthy snack attacks.

Combine sweet carrots with the tartness of apples and enjoy this appetite curbing drink.

Here are some simple recipes:

Recipe Number 1
• 2 Carrots
• 1 Apple
• Half an Orange
Juice it all up with some ginger for a kick.

Recipe Number 2
• 1 Large Apple, quartered
• ¼ (15 oz) can Pineapple chunks
• 2 large Carrots
• 2 pieces fresh Ginger

2. Amla Juice

Amla is healthy for your digestive system and also boosts your metabolism. A faster metabolism means more fat burning done quickly. The ideal time to drink this juice is an hour or two after a meal. Make sure you never drink it on an empty stomach, especially if you’re prone to acid reflux as it’s quite acidic and can cause some pain.

• 6 fresh amlas (cut and remove seeds before juicing)
• 1-2 teaspoons honey
• Salt to taste
Amlas are pretty sour and a little bitter too. Add some pure ice or water to dilute it if the taste gets too strong for you.

3. Bitter Gourd Juice

Yes, you read that right! It may not sound delicious but fact is, it really helps in losing weight. Bitter gourd juice stimulates bile secretions that boost fat metabolism. Bitter gourd also has a very low calorie content. A 100 gram serving of bitter gourd gives you just 17 calories.

Bitter gourd has incredible benefits for diabetics. It not only improves insulin production but also contains insulin-like protein called polypeptide P and brings down blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.


• Take off the peel of a bitter gourd with a knife (not a peeler). Wash it with cold running water. Slice it to the center on a cutting board.
• Scoop out the white flesh and the seeds from it.
• Cut into little pieces and put it in a bowl full of water. Add ½ teaspoon of salt or ½ teaspoon of lemon juice in it and allow it to soak for about thirty minutes.
• Put the bitter gourd in a juicer and add lemon or apple to cut down the bitterness. If the bitterness is still too strong for you, add a bit of honey and black pepper.
• Blend it well. Strain out the vegetable pieces through a filter. Store in your fridge for upto 2 hours.

4. Cucumber Juice

Any food that has a high water content is low in calories. Cucumber has 96% water and just 0.9% sugar and virtually zero fat, making it an ideal liquefying ingredient. Cucumber juice can keep you full for longer because of its high water and fibre content. Mixing in cucumber to any healthy juice along with lime and mint can turn it into a refreshing summer drink.

Here are some delicious recipes with cucumber:

Recipe Number 1
• 1 Cucumber
• 2 to 3 stalks of Celery (with leaves)
• 1 small Carrot
• 1 Green Apple
• 1 cup Spinach
Blend them all together and enjoy!

Recipe Number 2
• 1 medium bitter gourd
• 2 Green Apples
• 2 Celery Stalks
• 2 Small Cucumbers
• 1 Lemon
Juice them all up together!

Recipe Number 3
• 1 Lemon, peeled and halved
• 2 Apples, quartered
• 1 large cucumber, halved
• ½ cup water
Add lemon, apples and cucumbers in a juicer. Add water in your glass of prepared juice and enjoy this zesty taste.

5. Green Detox Juice

Create detox juices out of green veggies and flush out toxins from your body along with shedding those extra pounds. Enrich yourself with essential vitamins and minerals through this drink and feel the difference.

Here are some healthy and delectable recipes easy to prepare in a good juicer. Enjoy!

Lose weight in your arms

Recipe Number 1
• 3 Kale leaves with stalk
• ½ Cucumber
• ½ cup Spinach
• 3 Celery stalks
• ¼ Fennel bulb
• ¼ Romaine Lettuce (or Napa Cabbage)
• 1-2 Apples
• ½ inch Ginger

Recipe Number 2

• 2 Green Apples, halved
• 3 Celery stalk (with no leaves)
• 1 Cucumber
• 8 Kale leaves
• ½ Lemon, peeled
• Small piece of fresh Ginger
• Sprig of Mint (optional)

Recipe Number 3
• 1 Cucumber
• 1 cup Pineapple
• 1 Lemon
• 1 cup seedless Grapes
• ½ cup Parsley
• 1 Apple
• 1 Mint sprig (optional)

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