Lose Your Weight, Don’t Lose Your Mind! Learn The Basics Of Weight Loss

By | November 11, 2019

Before we begin, we would like to state that this discussion is about weight loss for those without any hormonal disorder. Those who are in the condition to do it through exercising and dieting.

It is important to state that weight loss is a multi-million dollar industry worldwide for a reason. And it is that many people who want to do it are either not seriously focused or are putting their efforts in the wrong direction. The former ones are those for whom every day is a ‘cheat day’ and the later ones are in their ‘trial-and-error’ stage.

The Three Types of Weight Loss

Now that being said, if you too are someone who wants to lose weight, let us tell you that your goal is wrong. Or to rephrase it, your way of expressing it is wrong.

Weight loss can occur in three ways, namely, fat loss, water loss, and muscle loss. You should never go through the later two. When people are talking about ‘weight loss’, what they are pointing towards is fat loss. Although the human body needs fat in decent amounts, depending on one’s body dimensions and age, excessive fat is always bad for one’s health.

Losing your water weight isn’t very problematic until one starts experiencing frequent dehydration. On the other hand, muscle weight loss is a big no! Muscles are the basic structure after our bones that enable our bodies to carry out complex physical tasks.

Bone mass loss can be considered as an add-on if you count problems like loss of calcium and osteoporosis as frequent conditions.

Points of Fat Gathering on Human Body

Fat gathers at many places on your body. However, it begins prominently with your abdomen. Once your abdomen gathers enough fat that it can accommodate, simultaneously, your waist and back area begins to gather more fat.

Once these places on your torso start filling up, you will experience fat gathering on your inner thighs and the skin under your upper arms until they start looking bulgy. And not to forget, the typical spot of fat gathering, your buttocks.

Ultimately, your face will begin gaining fat. Your cheeks, the area above your cheekbones, your chine and other such portions on your face will see the accumulation of fat.

Once you reach the stage where all the aforementioned parts of your body have gained fat to a certain portion, losing fat can be a crusade spanning months.

Understanding Obese v/s Skinny Fat Body Types

There are mainly two types of body types that are formed as a result of fat accumulation, namely obese and skinny fat. Let’s try to understand these in detail.

Obesity is a result of continuous accumulation of body fat which happens either because of hormonal disorders (which we are not going to discuss as mentioned before) or due to constant and prolonged bad diet.

A typical example of obesity due to a bad diet is your average American. Due to the continuous diet of cheeseburgers, bagels, pizzas, donuts, various kinds of desserts, sodas and whatnot, Americans have gained notoriety for being obese, many of these cases being true. People have only expressed regret that had they followed a good dieting practices them wouldn’t have gone through this hell.

Being skinny fat is a bit worse than being obese. This where the person won’t have a lot of fat accumulated on parts of the body other than their abdomen. While the rest of the body may look thin, it’s the bulging tummy that catches your attention. Spot reduction can also cause a lot of disappointment and frustration.

Causes Your Body Is Accumulating Fat

Excessive fat accumulation occurs due to the consumption of foods that are high in simple carbs and bad fats. This involves foods such as junk foods that are made from wheat chaff or wheat such as burgers, noodles, cookies (excessive eating), pancakes and pizzas among some. And there are other random foods such as pastries like ice-creams, cakes, bagels, donuts and crumpets etc and foods with bad fats such as cheese, ice-creams, high-fat milk, too much red meat, fries, sodas, alcohols(especially beer) and soft drinks and mashed potato to name the most consumed in this category.

Apart from a bad diet, it is also a sedentary lifestyle lacking physical movement that can cause fat accumulation issues.

How Can You Lose Your Body Fat?

Dieting and exercising. And always remember that dieting is the 70 percent work in the fat loss process. So how do you plan your diet?

Always remember that you need to cut out the aforementioned foods from your diet. Or at least minimize them. Start eating foods that are right in complex carbs such as bell peppers, mushrooms, eggplants, gourds, lentils, and pulses, etc. Spice up your food with healthy sauces and spices. Eat rice once a week and preferably brown rice (especially if you are trying to build muscle).

Also eat foods with good fats such as chicken liver, all sorts of nuts and some controlled amount of red meat. You don’t need to go all vegans to lose fat.

And always remember; never lose your dietary discipline.

When it comes to exercising, there are quite a few interesting fat loss exercises such as cycling, cardio and the most important of all, rope skipping. While cycling and running/cardio can deliver real results, rope skipping is the most effective of them all. It may take a few weeks to get your body and mind in sync with this exercise, but once you get habitual of this, you will experience loss of weight very fast.

Also, weight training will accelerate your fat loss process. Make a regular regimen for working out all your muscles such as biceps, triceps, legs, chests, and back.

Once you have lost a significant amount of weight, you can try other interesting methods of exercising such as Cross fit or calisthenics under professional supervision.

All that being said, only persistence and discipline will free you from the clutches of fatness.

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