Benefits of Plant-Based Proteins Versus Animal-Based

Today we look at the major differences of animal based versus plant-based protein shakes, as well as offer a bonus selection of natural smoothie recipes in which your chosen protein can be incorporated. Diet Restrictions & Allergies A plant-based protein shake is the better option for most people with restrictive diets or food allergies. The exception being those… Read More »

How to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes Naturally in one Week

Dark circles under the eyes is referred to as ‘cernes’ (circles) in French, and ‘raccoon eyes’ in English. Dark circles under the eyes is a common inconvenience to many people and often contribute to insecurities regarding one’s looks and appearance. Basic facts you need to know about dark circles under the eyes: Dark circles below the eyes are… Read More »

Raspberry Leaf: Health Benefits of Drinking Red Raspberry Tea

If you are pregnant, you have possibly heard about red raspberry leaf tea. The benefits of red raspberry leaf tea as a uterine tonic is unmatched. If you do not know more about this tea, then continue reading this article, you will come to know about read raspberry, its benefits and other important things that work amazing during… Read More »

The 10 Foods to Eat to Lower Your Cholesterol

Cholesterol is an important fat-like substance used to create hormones (such as vitamin D), build healthy cells, and digest your food. The cholesterol your body uses can come from two different sources: your own body or the food you eat. Dietary cholesterol, meaning the cholesterol from food, is only found in animal-based products (i.e. meat, dairy milk, eggs,… Read More »

13 Natural Ways to Reduce your Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease, also known as coronary heart disease (CHD) and coronary artery disease, occurs then plaque builds up in the arteries blocking or slowing the blood flow and flow of oxygen. A coronary artery is simply a blood vessel that carries blood to the heart. These arteries are shaped like narrow tubes. Plaque is a fatty substance that… Read More »

The 10 Best Treatments For Migraines & Headaches

Headaches and migraines have adverse impact on the quality of life of more than 47 million Americans who frequently suffer from these symptoms,not to mention the costs in lost job hours and in medical expenses. Many of these sufferers will almost immediately take medication to eliminate the pain, said medications of which include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs,beta blockers and… Read More »

8 Scientific Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin

Science is now giving us some helpful facts about turmeric health benefits and recommended daily amount doses so that we can safely get these benefits. Let me first list a couple of the turmeric health benefits. From ancient times the central stalk of the turmeric plant has been scalded, dried and placed in the medicinal chests of traditional… Read More »

How To Remove Flat Moles From Face Naturally

Guess what? There really is a resource out there that shows you how to remove moles naturally. Many people who suffer from moles may have given up by now, but as new discoveries are made daily, new cures make themselves available. Having moles can really put a damper in someone’s self esteem. Especially if the mole is big,… Read More »