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Paris Hilton’s Nightly Skin Routine Is as Extra as You Think It Should Be

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Even heiresses need to take care of their skin. Everyone’s favorite 2000’s It Girl, Paris Hilton, has been nothing but go go go for the past two decades but she still finds time to unwind with her favorite products at the end of her day. In this episode of Go To Bed With Me, Hilton walks us through her holy grail skincare products and favorite gadgets that help keep her skin glowing and fresh.

“I’ve been taking care of my skin and obsessed with skincare ever since I was seven years old. My mom taught me everything I know,” says Hilton, who has her own skincare line called Pro D.N.A.. The heiress and entrepreneur uses a mix of her own skincare products—a cleanser, eye cream, and moisturizer—with serums from Dr. Barbara Sturm and her go-to facialist Angela Nice.

But Hilton doesn’t just rely on skincare products to keep her skin in check. She loves to incorporate tools in her routine, from a FOREO eye massager to an LED mask from Dr. Dennis Gross. But her holy grail device is a gigantic LED LightStim machine that she bought after seeing it in a professional’s office. “I love having this as part of my skincare routine because it really just makes all the products go into your skin. I’ve had this for four years now and I love it, I really see a huge difference,” she says. “This is the type that you would have at a professional facialist office and that’s where I found it. I said I need one for my house.” The machine costs over $2,000—and takes up a whole chunk of bathroom real estate.

Watch the rest of Hilton’s 12-step nightly skincare routine, including a lip mask and her signature Unicorn Mist above.

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