October 23, 2021
This Could Damage Your Veins

Stop! This Could Damage Your Veins

Hey there, viewers. Your veins are where you find up to 70% of your blood. They’re pretty important to your body. You see, the veins keep your blood moving.

Swollen, bluish veins surfacing against the skin of your thighs is pretty alarming, but there are things you can do to avoid it.


1. Shaving your legs

Wearing shorts can be convenient, especially during the scorching hot summer. But accidental cuts while shaving can prevent you from flaunting your legs.

2. Too much sugar

Who doesn’t like sweet little treats? Sugar is addictive, no doubt about it. If you have a sweet tooth, you’re eventually going to hurt your veins. Here’s how…

3. Exfoliate your legs

This means rubbing away dead skin with a gentle massage. Your leg veins need to carry blood to the heart against gravity.

4. Using a dry brush

We’ve been told to brush our teeth a couple times a day. No one said anything about brushing our bodies! Body brushing is an age-old technique used by Egyptians, who had extraordinary beauty techniques.

5. Wearing belts

I personally love belts. A nice, shiny belt can really add flavor to a boring outfit. But if you already have bad veins, it might be a bad idea to use a belt.

6. Running

Choosing an active lifestyle for staying fit is great. But make sure that you’re doing the right exercise if you have varicose veins.

7. Sleeping position

We never seem to wake up in the same position we fell asleep in. For those who wake up on their right side, be cautious.Bestie

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