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Guest Post Submission Guidelines

This guest post submission is to help authors-contributors to build their portfolio in writing (blog articles, content creation) industry thus we don’t accept any services and business related content on this submission page. All guest post request should be sent to the form below by clicking the “Submit guest post” button. Services and business related content articles are for sponsored posts only.

If you have a great interest in Health,Fitness,Beuty,Nutrition,Tech News, Technology (How to) with good writing skills. If you’re willing to contribute to our website. Here’s the things you should do first before contacting us.

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How Can You Contribute with Us?

If you are interested in writing your guest posts for us, make sure to follow the terms & guidelines below:

  • We only accept 1 dofollow link in each post so make sure to differentiate it in your article.
  • The picture size should be 700px X auto (width x height).
  • The minimum required words for each post is 1000 but it would help you to get it published faster if its words count reach up to 2000.
  • The article should not contain any advertising parts and it must be unique and detailed.
  • You should actually own the article.

Some Tips that Will Prioritize Your Article in Our Schedule:

  • Make sure your title is SEO-based and take advantage of sentimental & power keywords.
  • Feel free to check our blog articles to find out how we like them to be.
  • An article with up to 1000+ words should have at least 4 images (1 for featured image + 3 included in the text), check out the next section to see how the images should be.
  • Make sure to check to see if there are any grammatical errors specially in theme’s & plugin’s names.
  • Do not include your author bio at the end, we don’t have that section.
  • Before sending the article, make sure that your email has an associated Gravatar image of yourself (not your company logo).

Once the article is ready, you can submit it through the following link, we will get back to you with the schedule in less than 24 hours: