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The 10 Easiest Cat Makeup Tutorials for Halloween This Holiday Season 2021

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The 10 Easiest Cat Makeup Tutorials For Halloween

Easy Cat Makeup Tutorial for Halloween . This Halloween cat makeup tutorial is easy and great for those last minute parties! Best part is it’s so easy, just any old glam eye look with added black markings on your face. If you wanted a cat eye look then just follow the glam part of this makeup tutorial and pair it with a lip colour of your choice. I hope you guys have been enjoying my easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials so far!

Here are list of 10 Easiest Cat Makeup Tutorials for Halloween:

1. Green Eyes Cat Makeup

This tutorial breaks down some of the harder aspects of more advanced looks (the white shadow around the mouth, for instance, and the winged lipstick) while still keeping things fairly easy to follow. Listen closely for the info on the colored contacts route.

2. Actually Affordable

Unlike other Halloween tutorials—or makeup tutorials in general—this cat costume uses super affordable products you can pick up at any drugstore.

3. The Last Minute Cat

This “last-minute” look from BeautyByGabbie is one of the simplest ones we found. (Bonus points if you add the contact lenses!)

4. Cute Cat Makeup Tutorial

Simple, but with just enough detail, this tutorial is the sweet spot between something too subtle and too complicated.

5. The Glitter Kitty

There might be a drawn-on nose and whiskers involved, but this sparkly Halloween tutorial from Melly Sanchez is nothing but glamour.

6. All-Out Extra

If you have time, energy, and pigment to spare, this Lisa Frank-inspired cheetah makeup will steal the show at any shindig.

7. Lion Face Paint

Create this cat face using paint, brushes, and sponges, as shown in this lion face tutorial.

8. Big Cat Makeup

This fierce, more grown-up take on leopard makeup for Halloween is bold and daring.

9. The Theatrical Cat

Were you one of the people who watched the Cats trailer 20 times in a row? Consider going full-on musical-theater geek with this look inspired by the Broadway play.

10. Blue Cheshire Cat Makeup

The cat in this tutorial is a full-on Cheshire Cat the beloved character from Alice in Wonderland but shown in blue (similar to the Tim Burton version) instead of purple, like the older cartoon version.

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