This Is What Your Eye Color Says About You

By | July 30, 2021

Are they a window into your personality? Keep your eyes on the prize because today at Bestie, we’re gonna find out.



– This is a very rare eye color and is believed that folks who have really really dark eyes are more easy doing and agreeable. Interestingly enough folks who have this mysterious eye color also tend to drink less.


It’s been discovered that folks with this particular eye color tend to be pretty loyal, gentle and respectful of others. However, in no way does this mean you’ll let people walk all over you.


– Doctors claim that hazel eye’d folks tend to have an intense mixture of colour because certain materials in the bloodstream were broken down due to the liver being imbalanced. Which in turn, means those who have this lovely mixture of color might also have some digestive issues.


– Some studies showed that while very striking, those of us who have blue eyes can lean towards being timid, and are nervous about trying new things. On the flip side though there’s also some studies that say those who have blue eyes are known for being competitive and even egotistical at times.


– Some believe that those who are lucky enough to have the elusive green coloured eyes tend to be originals themselves, and perform great under pressure. Not to mention they are unpredictable and tend to be calmer type of person who won’t get angry very often.


– Well, if you have dark grey eyes, then you’ve got more of this pigment in the front of your eyes, and if you have light grey eyes, than you have a lot less melanin. If you have dark grey eyes you’re more likely to be well balanced. You are very adaptable and can tailor yourself to any situtaion or person.Bestie

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