October 23, 2021
What Is Gluten And How You Can Be Gluten Free

What Is Gluten And How You Can Be Gluten Free

In today’s video, we’ll be discussing what gluten is, and why you might want to go gluten-free. What are some good gluten-free foods you should have? We’re talking all that AND more…


1 Grains

A few grains are notorious for having loads of gluten in them. I’m talking about whole wheat, bran, rye, barley and so many more.

2 Processed foods

This is probably going to shatter some of your favorite meals. This includes bread, cakes, pastries, cookies, pastas containing wheat, pizzas, a few burgers, etc.

3 Beverages and liquid foods

Barley, malt beer, wine, vinegar, soy sauce, salad dressing, thick gravies, broths, soups & spices are all loaded with gluten. Flour is used to thicken gravies, or as a stabilizer in other foods. The product may be gluten-free, but still be contaminated with a tiny bit of gluten during its processing.

4 Oats

Eating oats can be tricky. Oats are often transported and processed in the same equipment as wheat. Wheat, which is full of gluten, leaves its remains behind on the processing equipment. If oats are processed on the same equipment, they’re sure to get contaminated with gluten. Do not buy oats that have no information about gluten on them.Bestie

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