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What You Need to Know Before Bikini Laser Hair Removal

Every woman dreams about having a smooth skin and especially around the bikini area. However, due to the hair removing techniques used, women get razor bumps, wax burns, ingrown hair and etc. due to this reason they do not feel comfortable in their own skin. 

Majority women are now however opting for laser hair removal. It is a time efficient method that involves almost no pain and allows women to have a smooth skin. This procedure allows women to stay hair free for a longer period of time and allows them to enjoy their life without making salon appointments for waxing or getting razors every week.

While we were in conversation with Dr Niketa Sonavane, Cosmetic Dermatologist and founder of Ambrosia Aesthetics, Mumbai, we asked her to explain to us the things all women need to know before going for bikini laser removal. In this article we will be sharing the information with you.

Make sure you shave before your appointment

Dr Niketa Sonavane, who is a Dermatologist, encourages women to shave their bikini area before going for their bikini laser hair removal appointment. She said that the reason to do this is to prevent your skin from the impact of hair directly burning on your skin. 

She also encourages women to shave at least twelve hours prior to their appointment and make sure not to wax. She said that the reason behind this is that to carry out the procedure the follicle needs to be present, but waxing may destroy them and because of that clients might not get to see the results you expect to see after the procedure. 

Choose a licensed dermatologist

Dr Niketa Sonavane, Cosmetic Dermatologist and founder of Ambrosia Aesthetics, Mumbai, advises women to take an appointment with a certified and reliable technician so that there is no risk involved in the procedure. She stated that a client’s  dermatologist will tell them how many sessions they will have to attend, based on the type of hair they have and the skin type they have. 

Dr Niketa Sonavane, also stated that women might have to stop taking certain medication such as blood thinners for a few days or weeks after their laser hair removal. So, she advised women who are taking medications to consult their respected doctors before coming in for the procedure.

How does it work?

To put an end to the curiosity of various women we asked Dr Niketa Sonavane how this procedure actually works? She in reply told us that special devices are used for laser hair removal, the laser is pointed towards your bikini area and the light that comes out of the laser turns the hair to heat. This targets the follicle and destroys it due to which hair growth takes place at a very slow pace then. 

She also warned us that, During the process, patients might feel slight discomfort, but due to the cooling effect within the machine, the discomfort is not intense and you do not have to see any rash on your skin. 

After the treatment

We also asked Dr Niketa Sonavane what clients should expect once the treatment is complete. She told us that every person has a different skin and hair type. So, it is not possible to tell what might happen after the treatment. She then added that some of the most common side effects faced by women after getting bikini laser hair removal include redness, swelling, and in some cases itching. she stated that in such cases she recommends that you talk to your dermatologist, but aloe Vera can be used to help you with these issues. As it is a natural plant, it has no side effects. 

She also stated that women are encouraged not to start looking for results as soon as they are done with the procedure. It takes some time for the results to show and a few sessions for final results. This also depends on the skin and hair type of the person.

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